Endoparasites & Ectoparasites and the Different Diseases in Human
12.05.2014 12:13

Parasites are everywhere in the society, the food we eat, the water we drink and even, also in the air we breathe. Today, it is not easy to save yourself from these harmful parasites. These parasites are easily transmitted into human bodies through various means.  Most people have pets which carry parasites and these parasites are frequently passed to humans by these pets. It is almost impossible to save yourself from these harmful parasites, but this is possible to get rid of them very easily. 

The study of parasites is called Parasitology. Parasites are actually living organisms that thrive in a host, either humans or any other animals. Most often, a parasite takes in the nutrients from the host. If, host is healthy, then these parasites take some time to show its symptoms, otherwise, if the host immune system is not working properly, then it really creates a lot of health issues. Some parasites take a number of years to show symptoms. Some parasites are so tiny that human eyes can’t see them. These are actually microscopic, but some parasites are viewable, like worms, mites, ticks, etc.

There are two major types or categories of parasites, Endoparasites & Ectoparasites.


These parasites have a capability to live inside the body their hosts.  All those parasites which live inside the body of the hosts are called Endoparasites. Take the example of hookworms & tapeworms. These parasites easily cause malnutrition and weakness problems in the host. These are really harmful parasites and you need to make it sure to get rid of them as soon as possible. 


All those parasites that live on the skin of their hosts are known as Ectoparasites. Such as mites, fleas, and lice all are the examples of Ectoparasites. Some of them are very small, but they may grow large enough to be seen. They may easily harm the skin of the host, and may be transmitted from animals to animals, from animals to humans and even from human to human also.

Both these categories of parasites cause a lot of health issues in humans. Here is the list of some of the symptoms that grow through parasites.





Irritable bowel syndrome

A  Sleeping problem

Skin conditions



Immune problem

Chronic fatigue



The Way You May Get rid of from These Harmful Parasites

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